Lia Labowe She Hulks Out


Lia Labowe is arriving to today’s shoot with Amazon Annie. Not knowing she actually signed up for a wrestling match with the much larger amazon, Lia is freaking out. Not only is Annie a powerhouse, she wasn’t paid to scale and isn’t prepared for the unfair match up.

But Annie is like ‘too bad’.


While Annie is in the bathroom, Lia is freakin’ wiling out. She works herself up for this battle of bodies, ripping off her glasses, pulling her hair out of her bun…ooh wait…she is starting to CHHHHHHHHHHHHHHANNNNGE….

Rips open her t-shirt, growing out of her pants and turning GREEN!

Annie opens the bathroom door and is like “HOLYSH#(!!T)!”…this wasn’t in the cards, Lia has grown into a MONSTER!!!

Standing next to her, we can see that Lia has indeed grown and is ready to ‘break Annie into tiny pieces…’

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