Amazon Annie attacks Hanz


Annie has been waiting for Hanz all day and she can’t wait for him to come home.

Hanz walks through the door and is clobbered, immediately by the Amazon, wrapping him up in her arms and pressing her hand over his mouth. His grunting and mumbling is muted by Annie’s hand. She shoves him against the wall and pins him there, pressing him and lifting him up against he wall. Holding him up by his neck and putting her hand over her mouth as he dangles there…

She lets go and he drops to the floor and Annie crawls on top, pinning him and wrapping her hands over his mouth.




Amazon Annie is 6 ft tall, powerfully built femme fatale dressed in a sleek vinyl bodysuit and black pantyhose. She has overpowered Hanz and he lays on the floor in a daze. She wakes him up and gently sets him on her lap, scooping up his arms, legs and cradling him. She presses her cheek close to his and murmurs in his ear, sweetly dominate phrases, such as:

‘I own you.’

‘You’re mine.’

As she gently rocks him on her sturdy thighs and cooes into his ear.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures


Introducing Sweetie Dreams


Amazon Annie, decides to take on new big girl on the scene–Sweetie Dreams in a competitive female match. Annie is 6 ft and 210 lbs, wearing a black bikini. And Sweetie is 5’8″, 226 lbs, wearing a pink bikini.

Heavy lock ups, finger twisting games of mercy, brutal bearhugs and bruise worthy take downs (from knees) leave these 2 Heavy Weight beauties struggling to be the Amazon on top. Finding the upper hand is painstaking, Annie is put into some terrible scissors, Sweetie’s legs crushing the full length of Annie’s torso in one blinding pulse! Ouch!! Size advantage is the cornerstone of Sadie’s game. She knows she can chest sit on Annie and leave the just a little lighter Amazon pinned under her big behind. Squirming like a bug, begging to get a limb caught.


But Annie has more moxy, and has seen her fair share of big girl’s trying to take her Amazon crown. Annie plays the top game, using flexibility and leverage to roll her opponent right into some painful submissions. Some moves of note: the guilotine, head scissors, sleeper hold, the figure 4, matchbox and cradle pins.

The back and forth is fairly even, the girls are willing to use dirty tactics to get the upper hand. Pulling hair, face smooshing, belly slapping, breast grabbing, and pulling arms back into chicken wings. Sweetie and Annie work hard right to the end, continuous going in a sweaty, powerful 20 min match!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventure

Amazon Annie Lifts Hanz



Amazon Annie is able to carry Hanz, who is 6’1″ and 175 lbs! She is able to lift and carry him in a variety of ways. Starting off with the piggyback, which is very easy for Annie. She is able to have him spin from front,  to side, to back piggyback without budging an inch. Ya gotta see this! She is able to heave him over her shoulder, and spin him around a few times. The 6 ft, 210 lbs Amazon is able to ragdoll him easily!

Annie doesn’t like to be lifted, but she is curious since they are near to the same size if he can lift her? He does, and is able to lift her over the shoulder and front facing piggyback.

The ride doesn’t stop here, she shows him that he can fly in a double and single (!!) leg press! Throwing him against and up the wall, his legs dangling in the air, she bring her hands around his neck to leave him hanging in a throat lift!! OUCH!

Annie must really dislike this guy, because her piece de resistance is a BACK BREAKER! Oof, hope this guy is flexible, telling you he’s not, ya know he is sitting funny in his chair today!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Lia Labowe & Amazon Annie Bed Wrestle


Lia Labowe has no idea what is about to happen to her! Amazon Annie has worn her stinkiest socks unbeknownst to Lia. Dazed and confused she is put into all sorts of excruciating holds, such as the matchbox pin, the lotus lock, the sleeper, scissorhold, foot to face and neck. Pinning her and crushing her, Amazon Annie gives Lia a really tough time, trying to get out of the grips of the clever Amazon is like getting out from the fangs of a python!


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventure

Agent Annie



Agent Annie is trained fighter, she gets paid to take people out. She has heard of a man they call ‘No Eyes’.

No Eyes, is so good, they say, that he doesn’t need to see, he uses his ‘extra-sense’ to shut a mofo down.

Annie wants more $$$, and is willing to intimidate and use aggressive force to pick off the next Joe-shmo off the ladder. Even if she has to use her bare bands. She will put her leather boots on the next rung of advancement no matter what. And if that means stepping on some masked man, ‘No Eyes’, then she will do it with a Devilish grin and a twinkle in her eye.

Stalking her man, she finds him in his dark, dank and creepy training facility. In the black of night and No Eyes is in the corner punching Bob his training dummy. Thick in reverie, the man does not hear Annie glide behind him in her cat suit and thrust his body into her arms. She is surprised to find herself much, much more taller than him (by half a foot!) and he wraps up in her vinyl-clad arms easily ensnaring his throat in her biceps, in a tight, very tight, sleeper hold.

He is in shock and she knows that he will use some sorta Jedi-spidey-sensy blind man act, so she has to make sure that she stifles all air flow to his extra-powered brain.

She does this by encircling her very large and strong hand over his nose and mouth.

He weakens exactly and completely the way she hoped he would….

Playing with him, as his lights go in and out, she wraps a leather gym rope around his neck and continues to to weaken him slowly and slowly.

Picking him off slowly and surely.

As he becomes heavier and heavier, she puts her boot on his face, on his belly, leaving dusty imprints on his mask and body. He seems he can’t stand any longer, and as such Annie puts him on his knees, terrorist-propaganda-video-style and takes him out in her a terrible standing scissors. He is done. Looks like someone is gonna find a dirty but cheap place to train on Craigslist this month!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures