Misty tries the Amazon Juice

Amazon Annie is preparing to sell a new kind of performance drink the ‘Amazon Juice’ *previously tested with Cheyenne Jewel, Goldie Blair, Betty Battles, Bella Rush and many more….It’s quite controversial as once consumed kinda makes you go completely bonkers. So FDA agent, Misty Lovelace is crashing Annie’s infomercial to grab a sample of the liquid for further tests.

Ten minutes later, Misty is at Annie’s door, wild and tearing off her clothes. She pulls off her glasses and whips out her bun, long hair flying and attacks big Annie. Over powering her in a test of strength, once nerdy scientist is now a crazed wildcat of super-human strength. She is pinning, scissoring and slapping ‘Queen of Squeeze’ herself.

Luckily for Annie the dosage eventually wears off and Annie is able to turn the tide and put the little nerd back in her place. Annie takes the super flexible, young Misty into all sorts of match box pins, pulling her ankles over her head and twisting her into a bow and arrow, yanking her back in a gruesome Camel Clutch.

The yellow string bikini’ed Misty is left face-down on the ground with the ever-victorious Amazon Annie placing her barefoot on Misty’s behind.

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