Gordita Grande vs Amazon Annie


Appearing at the Doommaidens live event, Kari agrees to do a 10 minute roll with Amazon Annie in an auxiliary room with lights and mats. Both being over 200 lbs, these Amazons are large and in charge…Gordita Grande at 260 lbs (!!!) and Annie at 210 lbs.

They roll and crush and roll and crush one another, sliding in chokes and elbows to the throat. Gordita, tries her best to keep on top of Annie, and Annie tries her best to stay out of her way, opting to attack her from behind. After an excruciating 10 minutes of trying to pin and tap out the other, Annie finds her way into a RNC, finally issuing a tap from the larger wrestler.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Lift & Carry Training


Amazon Annie has found herself the perfectly flexible, slim male model to lift & carry. Coaching and encouraging her behind the scenes, Bella Rush is camerawoman rooting Annie on as she humiliates Kahn. Veve Lane offers advice as she watches the action, laughing and enjoying what she sees.

This newcomer will have to grin and bear the strange positions he is put into, in hopes of pleasing these malicious lifters. Annie swings him around like a poor rag doll, bear hugging him into shape, shaking him around and dropping him on his toosh. She sweeps up and over her shoulder, flexing and posing, all the while  with a beaming on her face.

Kahn is put into the cradle carry, swooped up into a folding basketball carry, lifted up against the wall and held up in the air over Annie’s head. There is a horsey ride and a rocking chair, a tortuous torture rack, and an 1 armed thingy that Annie likes to do. He hangs upside down over her shoulders, he jumps on a piggy back and climbs up to ride her shoulders.

Annie drops him and he rolls away, getting stomped on and belittled, verbally humiliated by the female wrestlers. Ending in a victory pose. This certainly is arduous work for Kahn, being trained in lift carry is no small feat!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Double Release with Kahn

vlcsnap-error764 (1).jpg

Kahn is new to the scene and finds himself up against much larger, experienced opponent. Agreeing to do a ten minute pins + submissions, doesn’t take long for Kahn to realize that this is going to be a complete squash match.

Annie takes him down easily, squashing him into neck cranks and matchbox pins. She twists his arms into a hammerlock, sticks her feet in his face and woman handles him all over the mats. She cranks him into a spine tingling camel clutch, squeezes him in scissors, rolls him over into a locust lock and it just gets worse for this poor jobber!

This big girl wrestler just takes him out any way she pleases, alternating humiliating school girl pins and gasping RNC. He finally must tap, nerves bulging and face red, as Annie’s sleeper is completely unmanageable.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Hand Over Mouth Roommate

Boston, November 2017



Lia Labowe and Amazon Annie are in their living room, flipping thru channels on the t.v. Annie complaining that there is never anything interesting on. Lia has an idea that will make the night much more interesting…at least for her!!

She slides on her favorite black leather gloves and attacks Annie from behind. She wraps her leather-clad hands around Annie’s mouth and shuts off the airflow, making Annie grasp and sputter for air. She tries to grab Lia’s long hair or to poke out her eyes, but she is unable to and she gets weaker and weaker. Lia playing with her the entire time.

In a last ditch effort to get herself out of a sticky situation, Annie attacks Lia, in the same manner, putting her hand over her mouth to stifle the air. Playing rabbit, she makes herself limp and allows Annie to victory pose over her body.

Lia is done toying with Annie, pushes her over and attacks her again maliciously. Annie is overcome and is having the air restricted dangerously. She goes out and Lia plays with her limp body and victory poses over her.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Double Release with Taylor

Nov 18, Brooklyn

shot during DM Live Event


Amazon Annie has stacked the decks against Taylor. New to the scene, Taylor is ambitious and eager to take on the everyone who challenges her to a match. In the midst of the Doommaidens wrestling event, Annie sets up an auxiliary room to shoot her clips. Wearing matching white and black 1 piece leotard thongs, Taylor is bubbly and excited to try her hand in a pins only match.

Of course Annie knows that her size advantage will make it very difficult for Taylor to pin her.

And it’s off to the races, Taylor’s speed and athleticism doesn’t seem to match Annie’s incredible strength. Annie throws, slams Taylor down on the mats, pins her down, holds her there and counts menacing. Taylor tries to get out from under Annie but it is just a cat and mouse game here on out.

Body slamming and cross pinning Taylor, she school girl pins her and puts her in an excruciating cradle pin, folding her up like a lawn chair. Controlling the match the entire time, Taylor is rag dolled and squished and squashed in every type of pin Annie can think of. Annie sits on her back, and thrusts her chin up and back into a painful camel clutch!! Finally finishing her off with a sleeper hold.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures


Annie and Taylor meet fact to face.  Taylor tells Annie she has heard about how strong she is, and how many matches she has won, and she wants to test her strength.
Taylor grabs Annie in a bearhug, and begins to squeeze, but quickly discovers that this will not work. Taylor quickly releases the bearhug and runs behind Annie and applies a sleeper hold. Annie bends over and Taylor is lifted off the floor onto Annie’s back, but still applies the sleeper.

Annie drops to one knee as the sleeper takes affect.  Taylor taunts Annie telling her she is not so bad, and it is going to be lights out soon.
Annie gets a bit of strength and begins to pry Taylor’s arms away and releases herself.

Annie then grabs Taylor in a bearhug standing tall to show the height difference. As Taylor begins to struggle, Annie lifts her in the bearhug and begins to bounce up and down as she increases the pressure.

Taylor struggles and cannot free herself while in obvious pain. Taylor’s arms fall, and legs drop, as Annie rag dolls her while taunting her.

Annie lowers Taylor to the floor and claims victory.




Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Revenge For a Fee


Amazon Annie has a side gig as a mercenary for hire. You want someone punished, ya call Annie.

And today, Annie receives an urgent call to set up some hurting for, no other, but beautiful Lia Labowe.

It’s all set up from beginning to end, Annie’s plot to wear Lia down, way before their own little confrontation even begins. Coming home from a loooong ass day of whoopin’ butt has Lia near to delirious, Annie is waiting (with cameraman in tow). Enraged, Lia starts yelling and screaming, trying to attack the cameraman she leaves her back blind and it is an easy entry for Amazon Annie.

Swooping her into a bearhug, and grabbing her off her feet, over head and bAM onto the couch leaves Lia in a daze. Stomping on her stomach, pulling her hair and playing rag doll is part of the punishment that is dished out on Miss Labowe. She is put in half nelson, bending and pulling her body in various positions, pretzelling her under Annie’s 200 lbs of weight. She grabs her in a final sleeper and Lia is light’s out, a ‘sack of potatoes’ in which to slung over Annie’s shoulder.  Carrying her into the next room to really do some damage…

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventuresvlcsnap-error010.jpg

Amazon Annie has bound Lia Labowe’s hands behind her back,  and she is still asleep from her capture and subsuquent beatdown. Annie is videotaping the encounter for a paying client, who wants to see her suffer. Stuffing a red scarf in her mouth, Annie starts ruthlessly slapping, punching and scratching her belly, wrapping Lia’s body in her ferocious scissors and tries to break her in two. She shoves her boots in her back and plays with her face and pulls her hair. She puts her in a locust lock, bending her arms in a pretzel style hold.

The red scarf muffles Lia’s screams for help, soaking up her drool as she is slowly triangled in sleeper until she is limp and sleeping.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures



Lia Labowe has been attacked, bound, gagged and beaten by Amazon Annie in this three part series…

Waking up to the continued nightmare, Lia has her hands bound to the chair and can’t move. Annie binds her ankles together and tortures her with a plastic fork to her poor soles, stabbing her in the stomach and threatening it in front of her face. She slaps an apology out of her and rakes her eyes and scratches her face. She is gagged and left to struggle.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Lia Labowe


Lia Labowe has a bone to pick with one of her former clients, and she has been waiting to knock him out forever…during a recent shoot with Amazon Annie, Lia brings it up again, posing and flexing for the camera explaining the exact way she would deliver the coup de grace!

Both girls rip off their hoodies, flex for the camera in their sports bars and short shorts. Trash talking and intimidating the cameraman. After sometime deciding to don their boxing gloves and shadow box the camera guy coming dangerously close to his face and other extremities.

It’s only a matter of time until both Lia and Annie get so worked up about who will be the lucky one to deliver the final blow, that they turn on one another! Inevitably leading to the KO’ed girl to be victory posed!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures


Arm Wrestling Betty Battles


Betty Battles has the impossible task of armwrestling Amazon Annie. Nearly a 100 lbs larger than her, Annie is freakishly strong as well. Betty does everything in her power to bring Annie’s arm down, two hands, full body weight, pulling….nothing seems to work. The girls arm wrestle both on the floor and on a table, the results are the same, with puny Betty Battles trying her best to thwart this unbeatable Amazon!!


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures