Bear Hug Submission


with Saharra Huxly

Annie challenges Saharra to a little grappling variation, where they submit one another with Bear Hugs. The two powerful Amazons face off, pushing one another around, vying for perfect positioning to lift the other of her feet. Annie comes in close and is able to come in low and lift Saharra off the ground, under her arms and into a piggy back. Annie bounces around with her, the two struggling for dominance, Annie finishing her by slamming her spine into the wall.

       Saharra concedes the first attempt to Annie, and quickly slams her against the wall, sliding her back up and against the wall, pinning Annie’s arms to the wall and slamming her body repeatedly into Annie. The method is effective, and Annie is dizzied by the lift’s affect.

*This clip highlights the Standing portion of the fight, just the lift portion, and doesn’t showcase Saharra’s ground work dominance. However, you can see plenty of holds and pins that Saharra is able to smother Annie in.

Scooping her in a final bearhug, Annie pounds Saharra against her chest, spinning her around and finally dropping her crotch on her knee. The tone is competitive, serious, trash talking….

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Pro Ring Scissors


Annie must be feeling rather frisky, as she goes right into it with Lance. Giving him a quick knee to the nuts, he sinks down and is pinned and scissored by the relentless Amazon Annie. Getting him in a torturous side body scissor, there is sure to be rib-popping pressure. Easily maneuvering him in her black wrestling boots and knee pads, Annie is able to pound his thigh-encaged face, with her large deriere! Unable to escape, Lance is subjected Annie’s ass in his face, with her mountain thighs slowly making him p*ass out in pain.




Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Amazon Juice

I think this is the 3rd time I’ve worked with Cheyenne and it just gets more and more groovy. She is compact and strong, able to pick me up no problem! We just discovered this in her clip here  This is part of an on-going saga, about “Amazon Juice” w. Azy the Pirate.

of course, I get my revenge!

….but now the saga continues w. beautiful Cheyenne Jewel, who for a moment is equal to my powers! – xo annie



Amazon Juice


Cheyenne Jewel has discovered Annie’s Fabled Amazon Juice on the counter. Desperate to do anything that won’t make the upcoming clip yet another squash match, Cheyenne sneaks a few sips out of Annie’s bottle. Before you know it Cheyenne Jewel’s entire countenance changes!

She flips her hair out a bun, red hair flying everywhere, she drops her robe on the ground and undergoes the AMAZON transformation!!


Pumped Cheyenne rushes into the studio, seeing Cheyenne so amped up, Annie knows at once that the Amazon Juice has once again gotten into the wrong hands! Quickly pulling her close into a Rib-popping Bearhug! Cheyenne tosses Annie on the floor, mounting her and continuing to put her in humiliating pins, as the Juice rages inside her veins.





Eventually, the small dose wears off, Annie seeming to be holding out thru the pain, is finallly able to overcome the feist Cheyenne. Using her size advantage to it’s full extent, Annie Body Slams poor Cheyenne, Butt drops her and, in general, overpowers her for the remaining of the match.








Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventure


Pro Ring Lift & Carry

FotorCreatedAmazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures


Amazon Annie agrees to show poor jobber Lance some Lift & Carry moves. Wearing black lace-up wrestling boots, a thong and knee pads, Annie puts Lance into a piggy back. Tossing all 230 lbs of him over her hip, throwing him over her shoulder, and into a firemans. Lance takes his turn lifting the 215 lb Amazon into a firemans. Annie shows him the back breaker, cradle, shoulder ride, and an attempt at a torture rack. Lance follows Annie’s lead and puts her in a cradle, piggyback and over the shoulder. Annie ends the clip with a single arm side piggy back and finally to do some deep squats with Lance still on her back. Her gigantic muscle butt strains under the hefty load.







Rapture vs. Amazon Annie

Rapture and Amazon Annie are two bitchin’ strong Amazons! Seeing who is stronger, they lock up in a game of mercy, linking up in aggressive finger locks. Rapture surprises Annie and takes her in her powerful arms, squeezing the wind outta her, she sla
ms her into an intense bear hug. You can see Annie struggle in pain as Rapture slams her against the wall. Pushing her up against the wall into a piggy back. Annie wraps her arms around Rapture’s thighs.
You can see Raptures back, thighs and butt rippling in exertion as she presses Annie harder and harder and harder. Finally after a long time lifting her up, Rapture puts Annie in a powerful full nelson. Unable to get out, Annie is humiliated and struggles against Rapture’s incredible strength: nipples hardening as she knows that everyone can see thru her flimsy white sport’s bra. Finally able to break free, Annie sweaty and frustrated, she is able to turn the tide, and give Rapture a dose of her own medicine, squeezing her in a bearhug. Fiercely lifting her off the ground, in a piggyback Annie continues to crush Rapture in her arms. Crushing her so good in fact you can see Raptures gigantic breasts popping out of her bikini against Annie’s body. She slams her against the wall, pushing against her, crushing her, showing her that she too can hold her up and off the floor. Rapture’s feet do not touch the floor for the last duration of the video as Annie keeps her in a continuous hold.
Trying to gain leverage, Rapture puts Annie in hanging scissors, using her thick muscle thighs to torture Annie and submit her. Not willing to give up easy they are at a long impasse, Annie holding her in a piggyback, crushing her in her arms, spinning around, tilting down so we can see Raptures glorious breasts squishing against Annie’s chest, and face as she moves her up and down. Rapture’s scissors finally start to drain Annie’s energy, slowing bringing her down upon one knee. Annie doesn’t give up and the Amazons continue to struggle against one another in a sexy battle of strength. Annie wears a black thong and white sports bra, Rapture wears a red shiny itty-bitty bikini.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Lia Labowe Beats Up Amazon Annie!


Lia has a bone to pick with Annie.

Sick and tired of always being dominated by the larger girl, Lia is going to catch Annie unawares. Coming into the room with her sports bra, blue belt, and Gi Bottoms, Annie isn’t ready to be attacked. Lia pulls off Annie’s sweater and starts to punch her mercilessly in the belly, smack her in the face, breast maul her and kick her in the stomach. Lia is relentless, pushing Annie onto the bed, pinning her down, continuing to punch, smack and maul her belly, breasts and face. She continues the torture until she decides to choke Annie out with her Martial arts belt. Annie , spread eagle on the bed.



Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures