Tied up and Tickled


Cheyenne is going to win this time—-even if she needs to cheat!!!

Sneaking some black rope onto the mats, Cheyenne swings, with equestrian strength, onto to Annie’s back and starts to tie her wrists. Looking more smug and surprised than nothing else, Annie seems to be late to the game, in the fact that Cheyenne has just put her in an ‘Uh-oh’ position.

Cheyenne really runs with her advantage, tying up Annie’s wrists and elbows, pushing her onto her arms, and testing her bonds by tickling her sides! The writhing continues, as Annie bounces around on the ground trying to get out of Cheyenne’s tickling fingers. She adds insult to injury, by pinning and facesitting Annie as she heckles her from above. Cheyenne runs the gambit of humiliating poses, scissoring and sleeper holding Annie into complete submission.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Safa Warda vs Amazon Annie


Safa Warda is a well known feisty, go-all-out kind of wrestler. Annie luckily has a major size advantage to negate Safa’s constant onslaught. Annie’s positional control, over Safa keeps her in guard, and placing defense nearly the entire match. Annie overpowers Safa and keeping her pinned and held down.

Safa must rely on her flexibility and speed in order to escape from under Annie, she attempts guillotines and neck cranks against Annie. She struggles and genuinely attempts to submit Annie in this competitive video.


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures


Lift & Carry Competition

Chicago May, 2017


Amazon Annie has been commissioned in a custom script to challenge Safa Warda to a Lift & Carry Competition. Annie is much larger at 208 lbs and considers herself a master of the art. She is more than confident that this will be a wash for little `135 lbs Safa Warda.


Surprisingly, Safa is able to squat with Annie in a fireman’s carry. It’s no small feat to squat nearly double your size! Annie, however makes ‘s play and quickly and easily does deep squats, squatting Safa, not in a firman’s but a TORTURE RACK!!

Not giving up so easy, Safa lets Annie jump on piggy back style and takes her on a stroll along the mats, showing her yet again, she could squat Annie another 10 times.


Annie shows that she can do this so easily and wants to show off. This is where the competition ends and the lift and carry show off rounds starts, as Annie continually ask Safa, well can you do this? …

Leaving Safa to confess, that she wouldn’t be able to do the mighty lifts Annie does.

Single armed carries, side-sadle shoulder riding, the upside down swinging, the straight up holding her in air….nah, no way can Safa imitate Annie’s lift & carry moves, and gosh darn! she doesn’t care, cuz it is one hell of a fun ride for her.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Secret Agent Audition

Boston, Dec ’16


  Lia Labowe is testing her competition for the Secret Agent audition happening in just a few hours from now. She knows for a fact, that Amazon Annie is the top candidate, most likely to be hired for the position. Always the strategist, Lia knows there’s nothing wrong with hedging your bets by cornering a market! And she intends to be the only female applicant for today’s interview.

The less Amazons the better! Or so Lia Labowe thinks!

Tracking her down and following her to her luxury hotel, Lia sneaks into her room as Annie showers. Annie’s spidey sense is at full tilt, hearing the intruder instantly, she takes no time to stomp out of her shower.  Dressed in shiny pantyhose, black leotard and black heels she finds her copycat opponent, sitting on her couch in the exact same outfit!

Questioning why she is there?  Lia just responds with a smirk, saying that she is ‘motheh fucken Lia Labowe’ in her cold New England accent.


Lia stands up and faces off with Annie, and it goes sour really quick.  Annie goes right for the soft flesh around the neck, squeezing and lifting her up against the wall, slamming her petite body onto the crimson wallpaper. Completely overpowering her! She holds her aloft, dangling, held just by her throat.

Her designer heels dangle in the air, as Annie slowly drains her will to fight.

She drops her to the ground, Lia now kneels, Annie standing over her, not giving up her throat hold. Annie bends her backwards and pulls her hair and puts her into a neck crank. Lia’s lights are dimming and she is about to go to nap land, when Annie drops her back onto the couch. She shoots POV and humiliates dazed Lia Labowe, she takes off her shoes, and places her on her lap.

The razed Lia, is just a tangle of brow hair, and long limbs, lap sitting Annie.

Annie looks her over and plays with her limp body, rag dolling her and playing with her unresponsive limbs. She inspects her feet, probably looking for clues, showing the soles of her slightly dirty nude pantyhose as she is passed the f*ck out.

Customs with Madame Lucrecia

NYC May 28th

Beautiful and powerful Czech Amazon wrestler, Madame Lucrecia visits NYC, May 22 – 29th.  This Amazon beauty is 6 ft and 240 lbs (!!) and can definitely kick your butt!


If you are an Amazon fan be sure to contact her directly while she is here, @ madam.lucrecia@gmail.com

Customs and doubles are available with Moi and Lucrecia.

Please email me @ amazon.wrestler@gmail.com

Tomiko vs Annie



Amazon Annie clearly outweighs Tomiko, and finds it very easy to pin her down and put her in any moves she wants….


Realizing that Tomiko is such easy prey, Annie puts on the holds for an even more humiliating time than is necessary in each hold. Annie squishes Tomiko in a cross body pin, moving easily into a crucifix, effortlessly torquing Tomiko’s body into submission. Annie plays with her throwing her around in bone crunching take downs, and chest caving school girl pins. Annie squeezes her between her massive thighs and waits for Tomiko’s repeated taps for mercy.

Tomiko is able to move the mountainous Annie only a few times, putting her in a double scissors and transitioning into a body pin. The glory doesn’t last long for Tomiko, as Annie most decidedly has set up her favorite female vs female match, which is a size mismatch squash match!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Lift & Carry Torture


Cheyenne Jewel makes lift and carry torture easy for Amazon Annie, simply because she hates to be picked up!


Annie goes ahead and picks up Cheyenne in every possible manner, trying to make her feel better between the lifts by cradling her in her arms while standing. Annie is so much bigger and stronger than Cheyenne, lifting her easily with one arm and slinging her around on piggy back. Cheyenne doesn’t know what to expect—from being thrown down and strung upside down, Annie only holding onto her ankles as she swings in the air.
Annie is able to give full and side shoulder rides, a donkey ride, a wall lift and wall lift choke, as well as hold her in the air! Cheyenne doesn’t warm up to the idea and Annie continues to force her into more and more vulnerable lifts. Her favorite being the torture rack, where she holds Cheyenne uncomfortably for a few spins.

Finally after everything, Cheyenne is ready to clock out for the day and jump into her fuzzy slippers and Annie carries her off camera for who-knows-what kind of shenanigans!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures