Tomb Raided!!

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She has finally found it!! It’s taken her years, and many costume changes, but today Amazon Annie has found the tomb of the ‘Great Goddess Bella Rush’.

Not only has Annie found the tomb of the Goddess, and conceivably the ‘treasure’, she has found Bella Rush rigid in a 5,000 year old slumber. Sensing the challenger, Bella Rises and leaps across the room. Annie head spinning, discovering the Goddess behind her, falls into a state of bewitchment as Bella delights in her mortal foe. Raising her magic hands and throwing Annie into the air, on to the bed, space-hopping so that Annie lays perfectly into a pair of neck scissors.

The epic battle begins, Annie severely outmatched by this other-wordly warrior.

Anne doing right by her fellow humans, can only do so much until she is in the clenches of this sinister villianess. ..


        What will happen once this wrestling Goddess Bella Rush is out and about in the REAL WORLD?!?

Jello Wrestling


7 Annual Jello wrestling event for Amazon Annie and she has brought in two on the toughest heavy weight female wrestlers that she knows: Ursa Fierce and Sweetie Dreams.

Facing off, the opponents state their weight and height, Ursa 5’4″ & 235 lbs, Sweetie 5’*”220 lbs. Annie agrees to be the referee standing 6 ft & 220 lbs.

The ladies wade into the thigh high jello, slapping each other with the slimy substance and quickly getting down, gettin’,gettin’ down down in a whirling dervish of body slapping body, slapping jello, flippedy-flop!!

Sweetie seems to know the brevity of her bosom crashing down onto Ursa’s face. But Ursa is wise to this competitor and know she can fling her body to and fro to sneak out of Sweetie’s body smothering like a clam outta shell.

The referee has been sniffing the jello before the match, ‘cuz she is just use-less…being unhair, making bad calls…wearing flip-flops!! And it’s not too long fore Sweetie and Ursa are like, f..this let’s do a TAG TEAM!!!

OOOOOOOOOooooooooh my gawd, the JELLO STARTS A-shakin’ her on out.

With the three bodies wrecked in the jello, trying to wiggle and wrangle one another it’s hard to tell whose part goes with who?~!?


Lia Labowe She Hulks Out


Lia Labowe is arriving to today’s shoot with Amazon Annie. Not knowing she actually signed up for a wrestling match with the much larger amazon, Lia is freaking out. Not only is Annie a powerhouse, she wasn’t paid to scale and isn’t prepared for the unfair match up.

But Annie is like ‘too bad’.


While Annie is in the bathroom, Lia is freakin’ wiling out. She works herself up for this battle of bodies, ripping off her glasses, pulling her hair out of her bun…ooh wait…she is starting to CHHHHHHHHHHHHHHANNNNGE….

Rips open her t-shirt, growing out of her pants and turning GREEN!

Annie opens the bathroom door and is like “HOLYSH#(!!T)!”…this wasn’t in the cards, Lia has grown into a MONSTER!!!

Standing next to her, we can see that Lia has indeed grown and is ready to ‘break Annie into tiny pieces…’

Victory Pose Rematch

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Amazon Annie is pumping some weights in the gym, and Lia Labowe comes up behind her and starts talking trash. Annie doesn’t have MMA gloves on, but is like, ‘wtf, let’s go’.

She deeply underestimates Lia’s striking ability.

Annie tries to get some sucker punches in but Lia is not having it and just waits for Annie to get in close enough to grab her hair. She punches her continuously in the face, grinding her glove into her cheek. Pulling her through the gym, down the stairs and finally to her room, Lia waits to deliver the really big deal blows.

It’s lights out for the big Amazon, has gotten one too many in the kisser. She falls straight back and lies prone on the couch.

Lia jumps up and victory poses her, while she has her foot on Annie’s stomach, she turns to the camera man and starts challenging the next opponent. She flexes and trash talks, proudly explaining how she will always be able to beat you!!!!