Pay Back w Amazon Annie & Howl



“This will be another clip with you dominating a man because no man can ever dominate me!” says Annie to the camera.

When Howl hits Annie in the back of the head. Annie falls down on all fours dazed.

Howl: “I’ve been paid to take revenge on you for every man you have ever humiliated in wrestling!!”

He gets behind her and pulls her up to her knees by the hair and grabs her face with the other hand and squishes it giving her fish lips. He puts her in a 10 minute long camel clutch with emphasis on fish hooking, applying sleeper holds and smooshing her face.

He tells her: “Whatever happens from this point on is payback!”

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures



Lift and Carry Teacher


Aralia is very, very spunky and wants to best the lift and carry-er ever! First she needs to experience it from the other side, in order for her to know what it is really like. Little Aralia (5’4/114 lbs) is easy for the jovial Amazon Annie (6ft/200lbs). She really takes Aralia for a ride.

Starting off with Piggy Back over the shoulder, cradle carry, all continuously, Aralia being slung into one carry into the next. Annie is able to how her all of her moves, she carries her on her shoulders, hangs her in the air against the wall in a wall lift. She taunts her in a bearhug and she holds her by her throat in a throat lift. She even coaxes her into a terrifying new experience: an extended back breaker left on for as long as she can hold her up!

Aralia is gleeful and excited to be shown so many different carries.

Both girls have a lot of fun practicing their lift and carry skills.


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures