Sleeper Hold Challenge

Safa Warda vs Bella Rush

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2 out of 3 falls the only way you can win is with a face squishing sleeper.

Match starts out very competitive with a lot of face squeezing and trash talk between the women as they try get the upper hand eventually Safa get a super tight sleeper on Bella who tries to fight it off but its to much pressure.

Safa talks trash the whole time she is applying the hold and the sleeper should last at least 2 minutes lots of struggle and no quick fade outs. After Safa wins the 1st fall she plays with Bella face to wake her up once Bella is awake the second fall begins with Bella raking Safa eyes and kicking her in the stomach when Safa falls to her knees Bella get behind her and fishhooks her mouth wide(use index fingers only for the fishhooks and let the other fingers go into a fist).

Bella tells her she wants to see how far her mouth can stretch after doing this for a minute or two she grabs Safa in a sleeper that squishes Safa face into a mask of pain Bella tells her how cute she looks going to sleep! Bella continues to talk trash as Safa slowly fades back into Bella lap.

After this, Bella plays with Safa’s face just as was done to her to wake her up once awake the final fall begins. The two women go back and forth until Safa gets the upper hand and once again locks a tight sleeper on Bella telling her this match is over and after a minute or two of struggle Bella fades out lips motor boating and drooling but instead of releasing the hold Safa says no,no im going to finish her just because she knows Amazon Annie Im just going to keep squeezing until all the is cut off from her brain permanent!

Scene ends with Safa kissing the forehead of Bella over and over while keeping Bella in the sleeper enjoying Bella helplessness.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Ass Whoopin’ Hollywould



Miss Hollywould is doing her thing, talking to the camera in her sexy bikini, and up comes this psychopath Amazon Annie, who jumps her and puts her in a sleeper hold.

Hollywould struggles while Annie applies pressure, her face getting squished and contorted as she overpowers her. But Hollywould is smarter than Annie, and she plays the old game of rabbit, where she pretends to be out cold, surprises Annie and then tables are quickly turned!


Annie finds herself in the predicament that she had just placed Hollywould. Bravo! Justice is served, and served to completion, as Annie gets her butt whooped, and properly victory posed by Hollywould!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures