Oil Wrestling Kristie




2 Oil Wrestling Heavy Weight legends, Kristie Etzold and Amazon Annie, face off in this squishing, slippery, wild ride of a match!

The two ladies douse themselves in oil and go at it, putting one another in school girl pins, reverse head scissors, bone-crushing scissors and a few of your favourite pro holds.


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Betty gets her Butt Kicked!

Little Betty Battles thinks she can out-do Amazon Annie in a pro-style match, where there are no rules!!!



The blond Amazon seems pretty casual about the confrontation. Betty tries to intimidate and size herself up against the much-larger girl. Quickly putting Annie in a headlock and pulling her onto the floor, Betty gains the early advantage.

Annie, brought out of her smug docility, is enraged that such a ‘pip-squeak!’ could dare take her down.

Like She-Hulk any picks up liddle Betty by her neck, squeezing and shaking her, as she raises her above her head!!!

Dropping her down, Betty’s body is wrecked along the way….

Shoulder slams, pendulum swings, and a gigantic knee in her spine, really knocks her sense-less.

Amazingly, Betty does it get it together, and is able to get some painful moves, that render the Amazon to stagger here and there. But the conclusion is fairly obvious from the beginning that this is going to real SQUASH MATCH.

Both girls wear leotards, tights and wrestling boots.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures


Squash Match for Betty Battles

Last time Betty went against Annie, she cheated !


This time, Annie is not going to allow her to pull the same tricks this time! This time, the big girl is just going to use all of her weight against her!



Sitting on her, pinning her, school girl pinning her and tainting her the entire time, Betty is not able to get away under Annie’s 210 lb frame! She tries to push her off, to slip out from underneath her. But finally, the sustained weight and pressure is too much and she from under Annie.



Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures