‘Queen’s Challenge’

Latest Chapter in the Amazon Queen series, Chapter 10 ‘Queen’s Challenge with Megan Jones and Mia Annabella, is set in a secret grotto that gives Megan super human powers.

Annie is challenged to combat, waging her Queendom against both Mia Annabella and Megan Jones. Will Annie be able to fight her way though this one?


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Double Gloved


Annie is on her hotel bed when Megan Jones and Mia Annabella decide to creep up on her and put their hands over Annie’s mouth.

Jolting awake, eyes widening upon realization of this alarming situation, Annie’s breath is muffled by the gloved hands of the perpetrators. They keep her pinned down, Mia sitting on Annie’s thigh and Megan putting Annie in a full nelson. She is double teamed and overpowered. Resistance futile, as it needlessly wastes her breath. And that is exactly what she is short on!!


Megan and Mia taunt and ragdoll Annie as she fades in and out of it. They make fun over her, squish her face, shake her arms and legs, playing with her ever so sadistically, until they take it too far, knocking Annie out.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Lydia Vegeance


Lydia Vengeance is 5’2″ and 120 lbs, vs Amazon Annie is 6 ft and 215 lbs! Poor Lydia has been challenged to a competitive armwrestling match with Annie. 5 minutes on the table and 5 minutes on the floor. Lydia can try anything she can think of to get the bigger girls arm down!

She struggles and struggles but is unable to move her at all. Annie gives her all the advantages she can think of, but it doesn’t matter, the results are the same. All in Annie’s favor, and she knows it being smug and arrogant the entire time!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Mia Annabella & Megan Jones

New Jersey, Sunday Dec 17th

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