Sarah Brooke: Amazon Juice


Sarah Brooke finds herself in quite the wrestling predicament…both Amazon Annie & Bella Rush have come over to take on the much smaller girl. Sure, Sarah is much smaller than Annie and Bella, and forget about taking on both of them. But Sarah is smarter than they realize, packing her trusty Vape  in her bikini top…Sarah will soon be impervious to any take, and will easily be able to turn the tide in her favor….


Turning momentarily SHE HULK GREEN! Her TRANSFORMATION is COMPLETE! Soon enough these blonde jerks will find themselves in a finger lock with this new and improved, perfectly-impossible-to-beat SARAH BROOKE!!!


The large Amazons finds themselves quivering in their leotards! Beggin’ for MERCY!!!

But no dice here, the juice main side effect: an insatiable desIre for human PAIN!-9! Up into a bow and arrow, a double hammerlock, a camel clutch and Boston crab for these big Amazon LOSERS…who says the little girl can’t get hers?!? This is the flipping 21st century afterall!

It’s all gravy while the juice is her veins, but everyone knows that there is no easy way to get high, ‘cuz eventually everyone come crashing doooownn…but that’s EPISODE 2,  this here is EPISODE 1.

Where the shenanigans begin!!!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures


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