Lift & Carry Audition


Bambi Buttons is visiting from Atlanta, and Amazon Annie invites her to stay with her at her beach house.  The next morning, while checking out the sand, Annie is curious what kind of lifts she can do with Bambi, as she is as cute as a button and as small as one too!

The girls start lifting one another on the beach, Annie in a red swimsuit, Bambi in Sports bra and spandex.

And sure enough, Bambi proves one of the most agile liftees Annie has met yet to date.

Annie is able to lift Bambi in a large variety of ways, shoulder rides, cradle, torture rack, one shouldered (front and back), hip carries, picking her up upside down and lifting her like a small ball. The attitude is friendly and happy, as the girls practice what will become a long friendship with many lift & carry videos to come!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Floating Circus


It is with great pleasure to invite you to the brainchild of our dreams —

The Floating Circus

Where & when depends on the winds and the whims of the le cirque s’envole..

Lift off July 22nd 4 pm

Parade will commence until le cirque tombe!

 contact me direct if you would like to know more about this event in Staunton Va. @





Promo for Jungle Jello

Rockaway Beach,  July 2017


Azy and I are hosting our 6th annual Jello Wrestling Party, @ AB Studios August 19th. BBQ, bands, a jello pit to wrassle your sister or stranger, prizes, costumes, magic, mayhem and all the rest.

This years theme is Jungle Jello, so come all leopard-up!

Here are the raw photos, from here will become promotional material for the show…(don’t worry I will share!).


I am very excited to for this event. Please go to Rockaway Beach Mud Wrestlers


Beach Wrassle with Bambi

Rockaway Beach NYC, July 2017


Amazon Annie has invited Bambi to her beach house in NYC, Bambi thinks it is going to be all fun and games…until it’s not.


Annie says they should wrestle in the sand and that she will even give Bambi the advantage by allowing her to use submissions as well as pins.

It’s a small gesture of kindness, as Annie towers over her by a 12 inches and outweighs her by a 100 lbs. Luckily, Bambi doesn’t have a lot of squeak room to thrash around as Annie just pulverizes her in the sand, slamming her body deeper into the ground. Bambi gets a face full of sand and she’ll be washing pebbles out of her bikini for a while.

After the 1 st fall the girls briefly run into the icy North Atlantic, and start again, this time a little wet and quickly much more sandy! Annie is a trash talking lout and will not get off poor little Bambi, squishing and smashing her face in the sand as she pins, facesits, scissors and overpowers poor little Bambi!

Amazon Annie Bodacious Adventures