Agent Annie



Agent Annie is trained fighter, she gets paid to take people out. She has heard of a man they call ‘No Eyes’.

No Eyes, is so good, they say, that he doesn’t need to see, he uses his ‘extra-sense’ to shut a mofo down.

Annie wants more $$$, and is willing to intimidate and use aggressive force to pick off the next Joe-shmo off the ladder. Even if she has to use her bare bands. She will put her leather boots on the next rung of advancement no matter what. And if that means stepping on some masked man, ‘No Eyes’, then she will do it with a Devilish grin and a twinkle in her eye.

Stalking her man, she finds him in his dark, dank and creepy training facility. In the black of night and No Eyes is in the corner punching Bob his training dummy. Thick in reverie, the man does not hear Annie glide behind him in her cat suit and thrust his body into her arms. She is surprised to find herself much, much more taller than him (by half a foot!) and he wraps up in her vinyl-clad arms easily ensnaring his throat in her biceps, in a tight, very tight, sleeper hold.

He is in shock and she knows that he will use some sorta Jedi-spidey-sensy blind man act, so she has to make sure that she stifles all air flow to his extra-powered brain.

She does this by encircling her very large and strong hand over his nose and mouth.

He weakens exactly and completely the way she hoped he would….

Playing with him, as his lights go in and out, she wraps a leather gym rope around his neck and continues to to weaken him slowly and slowly.

Picking him off slowly and surely.

As he becomes heavier and heavier, she puts her boot on his face, on his belly, leaving dusty imprints on his mask and body. He seems he can’t stand any longer, and as such Annie puts him on his knees, terrorist-propaganda-video-style and takes him out in her a terrible standing scissors. He is done. Looks like someone is gonna find a dirty but cheap place to train on Craigslist this month!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Trash Talkin’ Lia Labowe


Lia Labowe remembers you and is going to F*ck you up. She is confident and smug, calmly explaining how she is sooo much better than you, that she has been constantly training until the next time you meet, where she will DESTR*Y you! And it’s easy to see how strong and powerful she is, as she rips off her hoodie and brings out her powerfully packed little missiles of destruction.


She works up a little sweat, not much more than a glow as she is in superior health, as she is overwrought with GIDDY!! as she thinks of the ways she will pick you apart, punch you back together and leave you out like discount ham.


She puts on her MMA gloves, high ponytail bouncing and lashing as her quick and nimble foot work, matched with some heavy hands, makes her a better boxer than you. And she knows it!!


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventure

Jade Indica Destroyed by Amazon Annie

Amazon Annie seductively toys with Jade Indica, in this brutal squash match. Annie carries in her prey (Jade Indica) and throws her on the mats. Playing with her like a rag doll, Annie squishes, squeezes, crushes, pins and pulls Jade all into pieces. Putting her into Camel clutches, fish hooking her mouth, Boston crab, the ab stretcher, the ankele twister, and a really terrible locust lock.


 Jade goes in and out of consciousness in sleeper holds and scissors. She is unable to escape the massively larger and stronger blond Amazon. Left to just squirm and moan under the crushing weight of her opponent. Jade wears a black bra and panty set and Annie wear a black latex leotard.


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Don’t F*ck with Russia

With Amazon Annie & Layla Moore


Some hillbilly Hick from the US of A thinks that ‘girls’ can’t fight! Well, he has never met these two terrible titans of smashing steel!

Amazon Annie and Layla Moore are 2 plus-sized wrestlers that can throw down. Layla Moore is very impressive as a large Russian beauty, with a particular disdain for the flippant, ignorant American male who stands in front of her. Annie is just along for the ride, and comes to her friend’s side to double down on some torturous pins, this guy really is just buried beneath those leotard butts the entire time.

They crush him in every way imaginable, sitting both on him (and keep in mind that’s a 450 lbs combined weight!), bear hugging him, lifting him up and wedging him, humiliating him in every single way imaginable until he has no alternative, but to tap!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures