Tomb Raided!!

IMG_2991 (2).jpg

She has finally found it!! It’s taken her years, and many costume changes, but today Amazon Annie has found the tomb of the ‘Great Goddess Bella Rush’.

Not only has Annie found the tomb of the Goddess, and conceivably the ‘treasure’, she has found Bella Rush rigid in a 5,000 year old slumber. Sensing the challenger, Bella Rises and leaps across the room. Annie head spinning, discovering the Goddess behind her, falls into a state of bewitchment as Bella delights in her mortal foe. Raising her magic hands and throwing Annie into the air, on to the bed, space-hopping so that Annie lays perfectly into a pair of neck scissors.

The epic battle begins, Annie severely outmatched by this other-wordly warrior.

Anne doing right by her fellow humans, can only do so much until she is in the clenches of this sinister villianess. ..


        What will happen once this wrestling Goddess Bella Rush is out and about in the REAL WORLD?!?