Victory Pose Rematch

Untitled collage (10).jpg


Amazon Annie is pumping some weights in the gym, and Lia Labowe comes up behind her and starts talking trash. Annie doesn’t have MMA gloves on, but is like, ‘wtf, let’s go’.

She deeply underestimates Lia’s striking ability.

Annie tries to get some sucker punches in but Lia is not having it and just waits for Annie to get in close enough to grab her hair. She punches her continuously in the face, grinding her glove into her cheek. Pulling her through the gym, down the stairs and finally to her room, Lia waits to deliver the really big deal blows.

It’s lights out for the big Amazon, has gotten one too many in the kisser. She falls straight back and lies prone on the couch.

Lia jumps up and victory poses her, while she has her foot on Annie’s stomach, she turns to the camera man and starts challenging the next opponent. She flexes and trash talks, proudly explaining how she will always be able to beat you!!!!


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