HollyWood & Amazon Annie

NYC/ NOV 29th/Custom Script 10 min $150




What can I say about this amazing female wrestler? Hollywood is a former G.L.O.W. girl and professional stunt woman, and has been active since 1986.Talk about an amazing career and life!!

I met Hollywood in LA  3 years ago, she was surprised by my strength and gentleness considering my size and girth. It was an instant friendship, and a wonderful chance to make acquaintance with someone with as much experience and skill as Hollywood. She is very nimble, very light on her feet, knows when to push and pull the punches. Like a gifted dancer. She is an ageless master of pro wrestling theatrics, able to sell it just right so that her opponent looks particularly punishing. Works great for me! LOL


I am more than excited to work with her tomorrow, in my home of choice, bring in tow, my wrestling friend Crazy Azy to shoot it all! Looks like it’s time for me to go to the closet and pick out my best duds for this endeavor!!

Curious to see what I have shot with Hollywood before?  Go here:  Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Want to check out Hollywood’s sites?      Go here: Hollywood Productions


Sux to be a Dweeb!

Tag team with Amazon Annie & Sybil Starr


  Amazon Annie and Sybil Starr are practicing some new tag team moves in Sybil’s Pro-ring, when they hear some jerk off dweeb shadow boxing and otherwise showing off in the corner of the gym.

  He says ridiculous things, such as ‘Women should just make Sandwiches’ and that they ‘can’t fight’!


     Well, I’m sure that you know what happens next…the 2 badass ladies make him whimper for his MOMMMY! They wear him down, wear him out and squish him flat in this 2 on 1 tag team destruction! Sybil Starr squeezes him btwn her thighs, Annie kicks in him in the dick, they sit on him, stretch him out in camel clutch/boston crab combos. Humiliate him with foot on his face. And leave him broken after a double Victory Pose.

   This is such an embarrassing squash match for this dumb jobber that he better try to bribe me outta selling this video!! Fat chance!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Wrestling Holds w Veronika Valentine



Annie just wants to practice some holds!! It’s not gonna hurt, right? Well you know how it goes, everyone promises to go easy, until they are the one applying the pressure! Veronika and Annie each get to decide which agonizing hold their will put one another in. Holds involve scissors, grapevine, full nelson, sleeper hold and chest sitting. It’s about a 30 second each chance to see who can outlast the other!!



Full length video available here: Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures


Can’t wait to meet these 2 ladies next week on my Midwest Tour!! Got an action-packed few weeks, as I will drive through the corn fields of Ohio to meet Betty Battles at her secret Dojo to shoot some new clips. Please suggestions and custom requests (amazon.wrestler@gmail.com)!! And the onwards, alll the way up to Ludington, MI to meet Sybil Starr at her own wrestling studio!!!

This will be my 1st time working with Sybil, but she a very well known and talented wrestler! I am really daydreaming about lots of shiny spandex, lots of shiny pantyhose and pro-wrestling boots! Cheerleader themes?

Just look just how cute she is?!?





And Of course! My favorite! Miss little-itty-bitty-tweeny-weeny Betty Battles!!


For the occasion, I pulled some of my favorite stills from ‘Teeny Weeny Lift & Carry’ . Betty is so agile, acrobatic and strong! I would love to do some Super Hero/Zentai themes with her!



Don’t delay and get your Customs in now!!!!!!