Jello Wrestling


7 Annual Jello wrestling event for Amazon Annie and she has brought in two on the toughest heavy weight female wrestlers that she knows: Ursa Fierce and Sweetie Dreams.

Facing off, the opponents state their weight and height, Ursa 5’4″ & 235 lbs, Sweetie 5’*”220 lbs. Annie agrees to be the referee standing 6 ft & 220 lbs.

The ladies wade into the thigh high jello, slapping each other with the slimy substance and quickly getting down, gettin’,gettin’ down down in a whirling dervish of body slapping body, slapping jello, flippedy-flop!!

Sweetie seems to know the brevity of her bosom crashing down onto Ursa’s face. But Ursa is wise to this competitor and know she can fling her body to and fro to sneak out of Sweetie’s body smothering like a clam outta shell.

The referee has been sniffing the jello before the match, ‘cuz she is just use-less…being unhair, making bad calls…wearing flip-flops!! And it’s not too long fore Sweetie and Ursa are like, f..this let’s do a TAG TEAM!!!

OOOOOOOOOooooooooh my gawd, the JELLO STARTS A-shakin’ her on out.

With the three bodies wrecked in the jello, trying to wiggle and wrangle one another it’s hard to tell whose part goes with who?~!?


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