SMILE!! Vanessa Vilano


Produced from a custom script:

Vanessa talking to the camera “…tired about Steve Johnson ordering all these clips where Amazon Annie is beating up all these people with camel clutches and sleeperholds!!” “Well that won’t happen to me because I’m here to whip her ass!!”

Annie comes up behind Vanessa and quickly wraps her arms around her head putting her in a super tight sleeper asking her “what did she just say about not getting put in a sleeper? ”

Vanessa stays on her feet for a little bit fighting the effects of the sleeper, she puts her arms in the air trying to stay conscious but Annie just increases the pressure on the jawline of Vanessa.

“Oh we have a fighter good let’s see how much fight you have when no is going to your brain baby!!”

Vanessa starts to fade and she drops to a knee and Annie starts slowly add more pressure asVanessa gets glassy eyes and finally slumps back into Annie lap.

Annie sits her up and starts squishing Vanessa limp face.

Annie: “What was that about this stuff wasn’t going to happen to you? Your so cute when your asleep but it’s time to wake up!”

Annie rolls Vanessa on her stomach and puts her in a fishhook camel clutch

“Smile for me!!”


After a few seconds Vanessa wakes up and moans in helplessness “What you want me to stretch your mouth wider?” Annie pulls back further with the fishhooks giving Vanessa a big joker smile!

Annie: ” I’m going to give you a chance to quit and we can end this ok? Do you quit?”” BeforeVanessa can say a word you change the fishhooks to a traditional camel clutch..”What’s that I can’t hear you!! Annie is really enjoying the pressure she is applying to Vanessa and talks trash the whole time: ‘”I wonder how far back your neck can bend? I want you to look me in my eyes LOL!!’

‘What your sleeping again?’ Annie releases the camel clutch and sits Vanessa up one more time and gets behind her squishing her cheeks until she wakes up again(30 seconds to a minute)

Vanessa wakes up trying to apologize for everything and Annie says that she accepts that but she still has to put Vanessa to sleep.

Before Vanessa can move Annie has her in another face squeezing sleeper and the scene ends with Annie looking into the camera sayin: ” thanks for getting me another victim Steve! I had fun but I don’t think Vanessa did LOL!!” Sleeper ends the clip as Vanessa slowly fades//////

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

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