Sore Loser



Ashley Wildcat hates to lose, and challenging Amazon Annie in arm wrestling was not a good idea, which she soon discovers that the bigger girl arm doesn’t budge even with both her arms against her one.

Thinking quickly, Ashley throws the match by taking Annie’s back and putting her into a rear naked choke.

Annie is having nothing of it and starts to fight back, rolling on the green shag rug, the two ladies duke it out to see who is the better wrestler. Putting one another in painful holds, such as the boston crab, camel clutch, scissors, bow & arrow, facesitting and much more, it is a fight to the bitter end. Where Annie once and for all puts Ashley out, with the old Hand-over-mouth. Thrashing around Ashley is unable to defend herself, having her arms trapped in between Annie’s thighs.

Both Ashley and Annie wear bikinis. The tone is competitive, trash talking and in the spirit of vintage ‘apartment wrestling’.



Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventure


Wanted to let ya all know that Kristie and I are in going to be traveling in New Zealand and Melbourne this coming week! We are available for sessions together or solo, as well as custom clips! xox

New Zealand March 6th – 10th

Melbourne, Aus March 14th – 16th


I Control You



Assassin Annie is waiting for Twiggy to come home, so she attack him and force him to submit to her. She grabs him, spins him around and put her hand over his mouth.


She shoves him against the wall, pulls his wrists behind his back, slams his face against the wall, squeezes his face with her hand, stopping the air flow, and whispers ‘I control you’, ‘You’re mine’, I will destroy you’ over and over quietly into his ear.

She then throws him on the ground, continuing to put her hand over his mouth, slowly wearing him down and him groaning and thrashing under her weight. She wraps her long, thick amazon thighs around his torso, wraps her arms around him and continues to whisper into his ear.

Finally, no longer to take it, Twiggy momentarily passes 0ut and Annie victory poses over his limp body.Annie wears a latex catsuit and latex knee highs. Twiggy wears black shorts.


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Evil Amazon Juice



Cadet Annie is in search of Super Villainess, Saharra Huxly, at her studio in the Florida. Annie finds a small young woman (Club Carmen), hand-cuffed to a rope of Saharra’s Pro-wrestling Ring.

Enraged! Annie stalks off to find Huxly, only to be attacked from behind. Dosed with the ‘Evil Amazon Juice’, Annie loses her sense of morality and teams up with Saharra in a 2 on1 SQUASH MATCH!

Easily able to overpower and pick up Carmen, the 2 AMAZONS play a game of cat and mouse, taunting her, grabbing her and putting her in painful! moves! Annie performs a torture rack, a Boston crab and ‘thru the ropes’ moves. Huxly picks up Carmen, severely wedging her, making her pink leotard ride sky high! The gigantic Amazons do a pile and squash little Carmen underneath them. It’s a tough day for Carmen, as the Amazons are in complete dominance over her.

Annie wears her ‘Cadet Annie’ outfit, white thong leotard, crimson beret, black boots, shiny tights, and a diver’s knife. Saharra wears black and ripped fishnets, Carmen wears a pink leotard, bare foot.



Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures