Road Trippin’ w Bella Rush

From Las Vegas to LA, where ya gonna stay?

I’d stay in a Jeep Rengegade!


At Tomiko’s in Las Vegas, working hard!

Tustin California, with Kristie Etzold, shooting at her home ring.

And some things we saw on the way….

Mermaid Hair


Scissor Aerobics

Amazon Annie & Thrash


Amazon Annie is working out on the mats in her purple leotard and blue tights, when Thrash walks in and starts to critique her exercise routine. Showing him who is boss, she wraps him up in her legs and starts to squeeze. She locks him up easily and keeps him there, moving from scissor to scissor, while he grasps in pain. All the while she keeps sing songing a tune she is planning on working out to later…once she is done with Thrash, that is!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Blonde Amazon vs Amazon Annie


The match begins with Blonde Amazon and Amazon Annie facing each other, and both begin taunting each other about who is the biggest and strongest. They compare biceps, quads, calves, and feet. They seem to be fascinated with one another’s power.

Blonde Amazon suggests that they begin with a simple test of strength. However, when Amazon Annie raises her arms, Blonde Amazon lunges forward and catches Amazon Annie in a bear hug. Blonde Amazon applies a tight squeeze and laughs while looking at Amazon Annie who is feeling the effect.

Blonde Amazon continues applying the bear hug tighter and tighter, and lifts Amazon Annie in the bear hug periodically. Amazon Annie begins to weaken and Blonde Amazon thinks she is close to submitting and begins taunting her more. Blonde Amazon tells Amazon Annie she can feel her getting weak and that it is time for her to submit, but not with a bear hug, and she releases Amazon Annie from the bear hug with Amazon Annie falling to the floor.

Blonde Amazon then decides, OK, why not just go ahead and submit you with a bear hug.

Blonde Amazon helps Amazon Annie off the floor and locks on another powerful bear hug.

Amazon Annie then wraps her arms over Blonde Amazons arms and applies a bearhug, with both women bearhugging each other at the same time. Amazon Annie begins to feel Blonde Amazon getting weak.

Amazon Annie forces her arms under Blonde Amazon’s arms, and lifts Blonde Amazon in a powerful bearhug. After weakening Blonde Amazon a bit, she releases the front face to face bear hug and lifts Blonde Amazon in a bear hug from behind.After squeezing Blonde Amazon from behind, she then walks while carrying Blonde Amazon over to a wall, and begins pressing Blonde Amazon against the wall while lifting her and maintaining the bearhug.Amazon Annie continues squeezing, pressing, and taunting until Blonde Amazon finally submits.

Amazon Annie declares herself the winner, and says she still has the strongest bearhug!



Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Lights out for Thrash


It’s already lights out for Thrash. We’re not too sure how he got there, but it certainly was accompanied by a very loud ‘boom!’. Annie pokes and prods him with her gigantic, natural, wide size 11 Amazon feet. She looks over him and taunts him, while he lays drooling on the mat. She shakes him with her bare foot, squashing his face against her large and sweaty foot. He continues to lie unresponsive. Making sure that this isn’t just a simple rouse, Annie tests him with a full torso stand.

His face reddens, as her 210 lbs squishes theinto his extremities. She victory poses and flexes, she smiles and chats nonchalantly, all the while Thrash is drifting in and out, and is about to wake up to one twisted nightmare.


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Circus Audition



Eager to secure the role, she explains that she can pick him up in a variety of ways and that many people like to watch this performance, where a large woman is able to pick him up, carry and hold him. Demonstrating some moves she saw only on tv, she entices the recruiter to stand upon her Amazonian thighs, as she balances in a deep squat. He is on top of the world now!

She cradles him and has him sit on her upraised thigh. Sitting on her one leg, reminiscent of a ventriloquist’s dummy, he is dwarfed by her height and beauty, and is completely under her influence. She graces and charms him, his reluctance is replaced by slow approval, as she presses him up and against the wall. Continues to hold him in the air as she twirls holding him midair.

He is nearly completely convinced now, and audience to the genius of her ability, she wows him with a confident and graceful shoulder ride, prancing around like a model on a runway, all the while wearing black heels. But this man is an odd and quiet man, and seems insatiable when it comes to lift and carry.

Willing to oblige, he had her do an across the shoulder lift, with great power and skill, he is perched on his side atop her shoulders.

He is finally satisfied with the audition, and promises an eager Annie to get back to her.

As the door closes, she is skeptical of the authenticity of the odd and quiet man, and feels that she may just have been duped into lift and carry a complete stranger!!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures