Intense Camel Clutch


The match begins with Bambi talking about how she is looking forward to putting a legend to sleep.

But, Annie doesn’t think so. 


There is a lot of back and forth but finally Bambi catches Annie in a super tight sleeper. Annie fights hard but Bambi holds on, smiling and talking trash to Annie as her sleeper hold is applied more and more tightly. 

Bambi wins first fall and celebrates by squeezing Annie cheeks and playing with her face until she wakes.

Annie is pissed and when the second fall starts, she quickly wrestles Bambi to the floor and goes for a sleeper, but it’s only partially applied, so Bambi rakes the eyes and escapes!

Annie shakes it off, and once again grabs Bambi, but this time she ends up trapping Bambi in a camel clutch. 

Bambi struggles to get away, but Annie just pulls back harder talking trash to Bambi as she cranks back even further and further into an INTENSE CAMEL CLUTCH.

 With Bambi face down on the ground, Annie gets something to tie Bambi hands behind her back. After she does this she sits Bambi up and starts playing with her face just like Bambi did earlier by stretching her lips into a smile and giving her fish lips. 

      Bambi comes to and realizes her hands are tied, Annie tells her that she never intend to wrestle fair!! Bambi tries to get up but cant get her balance. Annie comes over to her and grabs Bambi by the face telling her how much she is going to enjoy cutting off the oxygen to her brain and seeing her cute little face turn colors as she puts on a sleeper. 

Annie wraps her arms around the chin of Bambi who is trying to stay conscious, but as Annie talks trash Bambi lips start to motorboat and drool makes its way out of her mouth. Bambi sinks back onto Annie as she slowly squeezing Bambi like a anaconda she fades into black and Annie holds onto the hold a little longer before finally letting go and standing above Bambi saying that this is how its done in New York…


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