Lift ‘n Carry Kidnap w. Hollywood

Hollywood was hanging out by the pool, getting a tan in her string bikini, when Amazon Annie grabs her from her chair and carries her, like a living doll, to her hotel room. We see Annie put Hollywood in some excruciatingly painful holds using her Amazonian strength.


Right off the bat, after dropping her from an OVER THE SHOULDER carry, Annie starts to squeeze Hollywood in a crippling BEARHUG. Hollywood’s feet fly in the air as Annie picks her up from the floor. Hollywood recovers quickly and squeezes Annie in a front facing PIGGYBACK, delivering a quick slap. Annie takes none of this and puts Hollywood OVER THE SHOULDER again, but this time, Hollywood gets Annie in a HANGING NECK SCISSOR. Annie is able to shake her off and onto the ground again, where she quickly snatches Hollywood in a TORTURE RACK and waltzes around with her in agonizing pain for a few spins.


In a daze, Hollywood is Annie’s new LIFT AND CARRY TOY! She lets her down from the TORTURE RACK, down into a HALF NELSON to a CRADLE CARRY.The Respite does not last long when Annie props her foot at the edge of the couch and brings dazed Hollywood !Crack! down on her knee, in a BACKBREAKER. It just continues to get worse for Hollywood, Annie slams her up and against the wall, lifting her under her arm pits, eventually to do a THROAT LIFT. Holding her pinned against the wall, Annie holds Hollywood only by her neck.


Hollywood has one last opportunity to turn the tide, jumping on Annie’s back in a hanging REAR NAKED CHOKE (RNC), but the moment of dominance is soon over, and Annie is back to slamming Hollywood against the wall. Hollywood is once again pinned against the wall in a hanging throat choke, but this time, it is just with 1 hand!!! Whoozy, Hollywood slides to the ground, as Annie gloats above her. Spying an opportunity to put her in a forward SCHOOL GIRL PIN. She does BUTT DROPS on Hollywood’s face, applying HAND OVER MOUTH when Hollywood finally fully submits and agrees to one more TORTURE RACK as the final humiliation. The clip ends with Annie doing a VICTORY POSE over Hollywood.

Available here: Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

3 Replies to “Lift ‘n Carry Kidnap w. Hollywood”

  1. Love your video clips.. Do you think you can find a woman strong enough to lift and carry you? That would be a top seller!

  2. I love see Hollywood lifted in back breaker and dangle her feet in air
    Annie is the top to guaranty this without problems

    Top video

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