Don’t F*ck with Russia

With Amazon Annie & Layla Moore


Some hillbilly Hick from the US of A thinks that ‘girls’ can’t fight! Well, he has never met these two terrible titans of smashing steel!

Amazon Annie and Layla Moore are 2 plus-sized wrestlers that can throw down. Layla Moore is very impressive as a large Russian beauty, with a particular disdain for the flippant, ignorant American male who stands in front of her. Annie is just along for the ride, and comes to her friend’s side to double down on some torturous pins, this guy really is just buried beneath those leotard butts the entire time.

They crush him in every way imaginable, sitting both on him (and keep in mind that’s a 450 lbs combined weight!), bear hugging him, lifting him up and wedging him, humiliating him in every single way imaginable until he has no alternative, but to tap!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Lia Labowe’s Triangle Choke

Lia Labowe and Amazon Annie

Boston, Dec 15 


Amazon Annie bumps into Lia Labowe in the ladie’s locker room. While getting undressed, Annie and Lia strike up a conversation about the type of workouts they do. Annie is amazed! Lia says she lifts weights! Annie can’t believe that such a petite woman, such as Lia, is actually strong! So, feeling confident that she could lay a bet that she wouldn’t be able to make her tap in 5 minutes, Annie thinks she will haan an easy job of it.

Boy is she wrong!!

Annie is brought in tight into Lia’s thighs, with her own arm choking her own neck, Lia raises her hips in order to execute a wicked triangle choke. Lia pulls Annie’s head in tighter with the strength of her arms, further cutting off flow to her brain. She taunts and toys with Annie calling her a ‘doll face’ and making fun of the colors her face is changing to. She documents nose-hair-close with an additional Go-Pro, to get you into the front seat, of a red and purple faced Amazon. Finally, after almost!! Maybe actually 5 minutes (we’ll review the tapes)!! Annie taps out. Seeming to have gone cold for a few moments. Eyes fluttering, mouth slack, and tongue wagging…Annie comes to and seems dazed as the very amused Lia asks her how she feels?

Lia wears a Black Bikini. Annie wears sports bra and bikini bottom.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures