Ashley Wildcat vs Amazon Annie


Ashley Wildcat is pitted against the much larger opponent, Amazon Annie in this semi-competitive wrestling match, where both ladies don their spandex suits. Ashley comes out with lots of pep, quickly putting Annie in some formidable submissions, starting her off with a cruel-long-legged Grapevine and small titty breast smother (counter-intuitively highly effective-I dare say). Annie’s sheer volume and large ass-etts eventually break the Wildcat down. Annie’s sizable knockers are enough to box Ashley’s face around and put her in a compromising position. Annie further wears her down in crushing body scissors, bounces on her face in a series of gruesome butt drops. Never to be one to give up so easily, Ashley uses her long and lean legs to her advantage in a terrible hip stretcher, and gives Annie a dose of her own face sitting medicine: putting her in an inescapable school girl pin. This fast paced match is peppered with some incredible pins, you will see the cross body, the lotus lock (!!), as well as some debilitating face claws, wedgies, spanking, throat chokes and breast mauls.The tempo is very playful, yet fast-paced and sadistic.Ashley Wildcat wears a white Star Trek inspired leotard with very shiny silver spandex leggings. Annie wear a black shiny cat suit, cut low to reveal a leopard print bustier.


Video Available here: Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

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