Beach Shoot w Bambi Buttons!

Rockaway Beach, Fri June 30th


Baywatch? Lifeguard rescue? Lift and Carry on the sand, outdoors in the water?!? Beach ball poppin’, watermelon squashing, jello? wrestling fun?!?

                        Here comes the summer!!!

Luckily I have little cutey Bambi Buttons to come on over and see what the fans write in!

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$125 per 10 min script

Amazon Annie vs El Guapo

A continuing circus collaboration…

Staunton, Va June 2017


Annie’s ever elusive friend, abciv an innovative textile artist, who uses re-claimed industrial materials,  such as conveyor belts and tractor tires for outwear and accessories, has  lighted upon the notion of neoprene and air bag canvas as an abrasion, proof-ulta-resistant fabric. So willing to prove the strength of his handmade, hand-tailored ensembles, he has invited the strongest woman he has met, no other–you guessed it, MOI! to test it out in real time.


And man, was I ready to bust some airbags!!

Taking the circus to the road, Annie visits the Shenandoah Valley to shake their toughest bough from the it’s tree.  This America’s best small town, has a mountain of a man to offer up as their hometown hero.


An incredible 6’6″ vegetable farmer, El Guapo, is a head higher than the highest corn stalk and he isn’t going to let some big-wig outta-towner come in and plow him down.

Certainly not in front of his friends and folks alike…

Video Credit: Angus Carter

What he isn’t prepared for is this  big City girl’s tricks. He may be able to out-man her, but he is certainly isn’t able to out-maneuver her, as she humiliates him in a epic pin- fish hook combo that leaves his eyes lolling, and his limbs thrashing. It certainly is a trans-formative psychological moment for El Guapo. She chomps chomps his wrist and his ankle,  as a flurry of vengeful female onlookers chant her on…forgetting perhaps whom they came to root for… Banjos explode and just to make sure the momentum keeps swingin’ she even hooks him by 1 nostril….one evil little finger yanked in there and worming around…. leaving him in catatonic shock, shrinking down to his knees. It is easy work once she has felled this tender foot newbie…

And just to drive home the point…who could just walk away from this treatment unscathed?!?

Caught candidly, on spectators cell phone, this major ass kicking left the couture items intact,  however, poor El Guapo ends up strewn on his back, dignity lost…when Annie whacks him with an airbag prop—steering wheel still attached…well all I can humanly say is—





Loan Shark’s Bet


Sonya Hurt is a dangerous and violent woman. Not only is she a female vigilante, she also moonlights as a loan shark.  But borrowing $$ from her, means you better pay, or she will wait for you and attack you when you least expect it.


Which brings us case and point to the situation ‘Hard Linda’ (Crazy Azy) has found herself in.


Hard Linda’s grace period has expired, and it’s time to pay up or get knocked around. That 5k better be hot in Sonya’s pocket or Linda may need to get a new set of teeth.  Sonya waits and stalks Linda in her basement—where no one will be able to hear her screams!! Grabbing her from behind and pulling her into the back most room, Sonya lays down some ground rules.

Pay up or get beat up.

Linda seems so sure of herself, and has been spreading rumors on the street that she will be the new ‘Queen’pin!

Always eager to add insult to injury, Sonya is willing to proffer up a bet: she’ll shave off 4 k off her loan if she is able to out standing grapple in jeans and heels.

Talks cheap and Linda is more than ready to get physical.

The 2 street fighters face off and pummel, locking up and trying to take the other’s back. Sonya has a lot of leverage, but Linda is very fit and strong. They go all out until  a concession is made…


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures


Double Lift & Carry

Amazon Annie, Veve Lane, Madame Lucrecia

NYC June 2017


Amazon Annie (6 ft 210 lbs) thinks it would be really fun to see how many ways she and her fellow Amazon friend, Madame Lucrecia (6ft and 240 lbs), can pick up Veve Lane.

Once these large and in charge ladies start lifting Veve up, they decide that they really don’t need to put her down between carries. They toss her around like a rag doll, and Veve is goodnatured enough (and strong enough) to go through it with a smile on her face and a flexing pose to boot!!

They do many different types of lifts; cradle, fireman, over the shoulder, shoulder rides, double carries, hip carries and a torture rack (they pass Veve while in this pose and it looks excruciating!!).

The Amazons clearly over power and tower over the much smaller liftee, and lift her in any way that amusing them. Finally, after all the crazy uncomfortable lifts Veve has to endure, her only request is to stand on top of each Amazon’s thighs, Cheerleader style, so all of them can smile and flex for the camera.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures