Big Bad Wolf




Amazon Annie is Goldilocks and has invited Layla Moore, as Little Red Riding hood, to discover that the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ was all made up!

They sneak attack him snug in his cabin, pouncing on him and pinning him down. Struggling against them, they discover that he is just a man in a mask and gloves. Not scary in the least!

They bounce on his chest, and FACESIT him, both girls using their CRUSHING weight against him! Annie puts him in a HALF NELSON, while Layla slams her butt in his face, giving him the good ‘ol STINK FACE!

They SCHOOL GIRL PIN him, and SCISSOR him in every imaginable way: Side ribs, back, neck!

Annie is able to KN*CK HIM OUT with the force of her REVERSE HEAD SCISSORS.

The tone is silly¬†and sadistic as Annie and Layla really lay into the ‘Big Bad Wolf’.

Layla wears a red leotard and ‘Red-Riding-Hood’ cape and nude, shiny tights. Annie wears a blue “Goldilocks’ dress, and sheer navy pantyhose.

The wolf starts out masked but gets it ripped off mid-bed wrestle.



Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures