Touring Florida State in it’s entirety!

Sessions + Custom Scripts

Jacksonville  Jan 29-30th

Orlando Jan 30 – 31st

West Palm Beach Jan 31- Feb 1st

Ft Lauderdale Feb 1 – 2nd

Miami Feb 2 – 3rd

Sarasota Feb 3 – 4th

Tampa Feb 4 – 6th 

Introducing Khan, male jobber available for custom scripts!


“Let’s beat this guy up ‘ehhh?”

Will be touring with BElla Rush from Montreal and we can double team these other wrestlers we are meeting!!

Vanessa Vilano

Ashley Wildcat

Sarah Brooke

April Hunter



Alien vs Human: Part 3


After finding and fighting the terrible life-draining Alien cyborg that is Veve Lane, Amazon Annie has had her life force drained by the evil villianess’s magical CLAW!! AHahah!


So now Annie is knocked out flat, eyes rollin’ and mouth agape. Veve has waited for this mogment and has some nice big ropes for this now limp Amazon Annie.

Hog tying is easy for in the inter dimensional traveler, she takes great pride in her ability to secure the ropes, around the large, limp Amazon Annie! Presenting her out on the mats, Veve stands up and puts her alien foot on Annie’s human face and poses over her in VICTORY!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Alien Vs Human: Part 2!


Veve Lane has f~!@cked up Amazon Annie!


Now she gets to have her fun with her, especially since she has had the life force drained with the aid of Veve Lane’s secret weapon: THE CLAW!

And now she can do anything she wants and if Annie comes to then, it’s back with some face-sucking, life-sucking claw action from the sadistic Lane!

Annie is hoisted around like a large sack of potatoes! Into the hot pot Annie goes, into a crucifying boston crab, and then it’s oooof! into CAMEL CLUTCH THAT SPLITS THE VERY NATURE OF REALITY!?!…oh lawdy, it just goes on and on for Miss Annie— a simple human whose only mistake was to take on the likes of this EVIL ALIEN CYBORG: VEVE LANE!


((whose incredible forces the likes of one mere mortal must survive!)

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Alien vs Human

‘Amazon Annie has been forced into a dream state by her friend Veve Lane. Annie is snoozing and finds herself trapped in a nightmare that is all too real!

It is all making sense to her now! VEVE IS OBVIOUSLY AN ALIEN!?!?!?!!!!.!!!


So now, it is a test of survival, making sure that this life sucking cyborg thingy-majiggy does suck her vital juices by way of her secret weapon: THE CLAW!~

It is a battle of strength and wits to see who will end up with the grossly total power of the murderous claw…will it be HUMAN?!? or ALIEN?!?


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures