Ashley WC vs Amazon Annie: ArmWrestling


Ashley WC has agreed to arm wrestle much bigger Amazon Annie, having also a broken thumb. It’s a pretty tortuous ordeal to have to arm wrestle for 10 min straight. And Ashley quickly finds out that it is impossible to budge the incredibly powerful Amazon!

Whether it’s on the ground or on the table, the girls face off, talk and nearly get in an actual fight. Annie does nothing to soften the blow to Ashley’s ego, she decides to taunt and condescend to her, at one point having the audacity to pat her on the top of the head!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Ashley is about ready to lose it on Annie! She doesn’t even really want to finish the match, she is too frustrated and wants to punch Annie in the face so bad. It stays friendly, but only barely, as the girls promise to meet one another on the mats!

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