Amazon Annie vs Rizzo



Rizzo is in for a total squash match against Amazon Annie, who is much larger and stronger than him. They are definitely not in the same weight class. To drive home the point, Annie has Rizzo weigh in. The scale only at 135 lbs for him and for Annie, the scale tips to 210 lbs!!

She destroys him in the most simple way ever, pinning him down with her weight, squishing him as he squirms. Over powering his limbs and keeping him on his back, a reluctant prisoner to Annie’s power. She cranks his neck, torques his back, scissors and stretches him in all sorts of wild ways.. She ups the ante and pins him in a high school girl pin, and smothers his face in her bum.

Rizzo is out matched in this one, he is unable to match Annie’s size and dominance and must surrender to a victory pose.


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures



Aralia Clobbered by Amazon Annie


Amazon Annie is nearly 100 lbs larger than 5’4, 114 lbs Aralia. Obviously scared sh*tless from the get go, Aralia is already quaking in her boxing gloves.

Annie taunts, chases, allows Aralia to try and hit her as hard as she can, to no avail and finally grabs her up in a half nelson. Shhe drives her to the wall and slams her with herand her body. Annie completely overpowers the smaller girl. She knees her in her belly, smooshes her face with her gloves. Pins her and squashes her, so that she can’t escape.

vlcsnap-error231Annie even tosses her up and against the wall, so that she dangles as she continues to knock her face about. Aralia is losing it, and is started to be dazed and confused. She slides down the wall after a serious beating against the wall. She gets hit in the face, the belly and the boobs. Annie pounces on her as she is down. Flattening her out with a knee to the belly Annie continues to wallop on her. She gets on her in a high school girl pin and continues to relentlessly punch her directly on the face.


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Tragic Defeat at Blow Pop

In light of Valentine’s Day, I would like to share the Lyrics to Ringo Starr’s

It Don’t Come Easy 

Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues,
And you know it don’t come easy.
You don’t have to shout or leap about,
You can even play them easy.
Open up your heart, let’s come together,
Use a little love
And we will make it work out better,
I don’t ask for much, I only want your trust,
And you know it don’t come easy.
And this love of mine keeps growing all the time,
And you know it don’t come easy.
Peace, remember peace is how we make it,
Here within your reach
If you’re big enough to take it.

*ps I will win blow to pop next time Miss Veve Lane!!


Amazon Juice w Veve Lane & Amazon Annie


Veve Lane has developed the best ‘Combat Supplement’ that science has ever designed. And who else better to call, than her big friend Amazon Annie?

She must try it out!

Drinking the entire beaker of Amazon juice elixir, Veve Lane is transformed into a snarling, crazed animal!!! Quickly ripping off her glasses, she whips her hair loose from her professional bun, her auburn hair swinging wildly about. She rips off her lab coat, exposing a sexy leopard print bikini.

She flexes and poses, snarls and transforms into a wrestling-crazed-MANIAC!

Annie appears, with an expression, like, ‘Man I know how this script goes…’     and sure enough, Veve jumps thru the air, attacking like a rabid monkey, pulling her to the ground, jumping on her, sitting on her chest and slapping her in the face!! Ugh. She tosses her around, pounds her with her butt, pins her down, all the while jacked up on this messed up juice.

Annie is shocked and is put thru a scary gauntlet of unspeakable holds. Having her hips split, face sat, hair pulled, camel-clutched, folded over into a spine-crunching matchbox pin!!!


Luckily, Annie always has a back-up plan and brings her special brew to keep up with these cray-crays!

Drinking her vial of Amazon Juice, Annie gets all tripped out like Joker and starts spinning her eyes, smiling at nothing and stomping around like she’s the Queen of the Jungle. She busts thru Veve’s holds and starts to crush the tiny Villain! She squishes, squeezes, ties up in her thick legs for epic figure 4s and perfect head scissors. Annie is brutal, wants to end to all this tom foolery, regardless of consequence, immediately!!

She gets Veve into the Sleeper, by wrapping her strong arm around her neck and applying breath-taking pressure!

It’s not long before nigh-nigh for this Wrestling mad scientist Veve Lane!!


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Amazon Juices


So many women have tried to perfect the formula, many have failed and some have succeeded with horrific results!

and all have been transformed:

A Retrospective:

Veve Lane’s Combat Supplement

NYC, February 2017

Drinking Amazon Juice makes you cray. Top notch cray-cray. And Annie has to go head to head with a transformed Veve Lane. It’s not a good day at the office for Annie, until she remembers, she brought her own secret sauce.

Introducing Mercy!

NYC, Jan 2017


My latest with Amazing! Amazon 6’3″ Mercy! 

Follow her here:

Custom scripts available 10 min for $150

Amazon Annie vs 6’3″ Mercy


Amazon Annie is standing in the room, bragging about how she is the biggest and strongest amazon, and that she cannot be defeated, especially with bear hugs.

Mercy walks up behind Amazon Annie and puts her in a full nelson. Mercy starts telling Amazon Annie that she is the true amazon there, and begins taunting her about how much taller and stronger she is. Mercy then puts Amazon Annie in a sleeper hold, and begins apply pressure as she smiles and laughs. Amazon Annie struggles and begins to fade, saying she will not give up.

Amazon Annie goes to her knees with Mercy applying the sleeper, and then they lie on the floor, where Mercy wraps her legs around Amazon Annie and starts taunting her asking her to submit. Annie still refuses to submit, but is almost out.

Mercy releases the sleeper hold, and with Amazon Annie laying flat on the floor, Mercy sits on top of Amazon Annie on her knees and pulls Amazon Annie up in a front facing bearhug while sitting over her on her knees. Annie is almost out, but still says she will not submit as Mercy laughs, and taunts her increasing the pressure. Mercy is still bragging about how much taller and stronger she is.

Mercy then releases Amazon Annie and stands, while helping Amazon Annie to her feet. Mercy then locks on a big standing face to face bearhug. As both are standing, neither is bending in any way, both of you are standing tall, while Mercy squeezes Amazon Annie in the bearhug, while Mercy looks down at Amazon Annie smiling and laughing, asking her to submit. As Mercy increases the pressure, Amazon Annie is almost out, and finally says she submits.


Amazon Annie and Mercy Stand face to face for the second part of the match. Mercy asks Amazon Annie if she is ready to submit again, and Amazon Annie tells her this is not going to happen. Amazon Annie then grabs Mercy in a front facing bearhug and begins applying the pressure. Amazon Annie looks up at Mercy smiling and telling Mercy she may be taller, but Amazon Annie is the more powerful Amazon.

Mercy struggles in the bearhug and is in pain as Amazon Annie continues to smile and taunt her about how much stronger she is.

Amazon Annie lifts Mercy in the front facing bearhug, and Mercy lifts her legs up around Annie. Mercy tells Amazon Annie that she is too tall for her to lift, and Amazon Annie says, you will see and continues to lift and apply pressure as Mercy struggles in pain.


Amazon Annie takes Mercy down to the floor and continues applying the bearhug. Both then lie down as Amazon Annie still applies the front facing bearhug, and also captures Mercy in a scissors. Amazon Annie asks Mercy to submit as she continues squeezing with the bearhug/scissors combination. Mercy finally submits.

Amazon Annie continues applying pressure and makes Mercy admit that Amazon Annie is the stronger amazon before releasing her and claiming victory.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures