Beach Boxing Squash Match

What is this guy thinking?!?

He is about to go against Amazon Annie who is 6ft and 220 lbs with 10 years of fighting experience. Jobber Mike is only 5’4″ and 110 lbs. How is he every going to stand up to someone so intimidating and strong??

Well the answer is, not very long at all.

This match was set up from the get-go as a squash match and splat does he go. Trying to get any advantage he can Annie lets him set up the first few shots, but with no reaction on the Amazon’s part, she goes full throttle connecting with his chin and sending him FLYING!!

Good thing the sand is soft, because this guy is about to get plowed, and so he goes in for some serious concussion-inducing head shots. And when she has him on the sand she, she goes right into a ground and pound situation, pinning him with a knee to the stomach and pommeling him in the mouth and belly.

He gets up, she kicks him down, he’s down and she picks him up to knock him down again. This happens until this guy can’t even take another hit. Annie knees him in the face and he goes down HARD.

She does a 10 count and moves out of the way as the tide comes in to sweep this guy away.

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