3 on 1 Beatdown


Ashley Wildcat is podcasting Amazon Annie and Bella Rush’s visit to her pool in sunny Florida https://t.co/4QmBmSY0Zy


Sneaking up on them unexpectedly, Khan thinks he can get an anterior view of the ladies in their bikinis, and man do they take it the wrong way! Bella jumps up, Ashley screams, Annie grabs the camera and then, WHAM! his butt is on the mats and these ladies are angry!

Tossing the camera back and forth, while the other two work him over! Bending him this way and that, double pinning while the woman holding the camera trash talks and at times gets her feet into the humiliating action. They bodyslam and victory pose, scissor and contort him, pinning him in agony as the ladies work him over!

Finally leaving him, just with his camera to watch the footage after the fact.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

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