Our first Pro-Style Video!

Azy loves to dress up like a pirate! So with this in mind we created a little scenario in order for her to best me at wrestling!


Azy comes home and finds my Amazon elixir, drinks unknowing that it will turn her into an awesomely powerful Amazon. Annie comes out to find Azy more than her normal crazy, ready to pounce on anyone in front of her!


There is a lot of camel clutches, as well as the Boston Crab, as well as some other favorite classic holds!


It was sure fun! I hope we can do it again!!




Tag Team Terrible Two-Some!

Azy and I sure do love a good old fashioned tag team. I smother, she stuns and our poor hapless victim struggles!


Azy and I have different prerogatives when we wrestle. Azy likes the tap out to be fast, brutal and complete, while I like to languish in the long, slow, playful death. I think it is our great differences that make us so good as a team!

Enviable Tan!



It isn’t very often that I look small, but this place was big! I also look quite tan, if I may say so myself 😀

Gotta love the South!

Azy and I just got back from a short jaunt down the eastern seaboard and spent a lovely time in Richmond, Virginia. We really love mixing it up! One day, we are kicking ass and taking numbers and the next we are discovering all the wonderful things this country has to offer.

I just posted a few pics of our double session. As you can tell we sure did show that guy, who was boss! Gotta love it!