Mud Wrestling Party (Past & Present)

Rockaway Beach,  2012


As Photographed in the New Yorker

Excerpt from original article, by Mary Norris:

He wore two pairs of purple footless tights, an adult diaper, a pink padded helmet,             and boxing gloves. (Blue marched in the 2011 Mermaid Parade, carrying a case of               Budweiser, as the quintessential Rockaway bum.) Another sideshow was provided by       a young man prancing around in red tights, with the name “Jackass Jim” tattooed on         his back. A ringer, wearing a leopard-skin bikini under a black weight-lifter’s singlet,         straps scooped to below the navel, strutted her stuff. Her hair was tied in a number of       random pigtails. A plumber in the audience remarked wonderingly, “Her head                     is square.” She was appearing under the name Queen Kong.

 Just some pics I found from the past years of Mud Wrestling…

Squishy Face


From a custom script:


The video starts were you bring Bambi to the couch and make her sit down. You then go right next to her and start Squishing her face together with your hands. You then tell her, “look how squishy your face is”. Bambi tries to fight back but you have her restrained. You then pick her up and lay her back against your body as your laying on the couch, you have your legs crossed up on her and then continue to Squeeze her cheeks. As her face is like a fish, she tries to talk and you tell her “What was that? I can’t understand you..” I want you to Squeeze her cheeks so hard to the point were she makes the biggest Fish lips ever!


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

When Hollywood Attacks

Untitled collage (3)

When Hollywood attacks all Hell breaks loose!

What is Annie supposed to do when Hollywood jumps her from behind, trying to bring her back into a sleeper hold?!?

It’s no holds barred, punch ya in the face, pock ya in the eye, put you into camel clutch or lotus lock. Maybe get pick up and shook around and then slammed on the couch, Annie applying all her weight on the size mismatched Hollywood…Many insulting, dominating moves focused on each wrestler’s high top, laced boots abound. Boot to face, boot to belly, boot to crotch! Ouch!

The fighting just gets more messy as the ladies try to outdo one another, trying to submit, not get submitted.

The inevitable conclusion is a prolonged, professionally applied victory pose rewarded to whoever stomps the other to bits.


Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures