Who’s Stronger?

Philly, Sept 2017

Miss Mackenzee and Amazon Annie are nearly the same size and weight. Both girls are 6 ft even and a few pounds of 200 lbs.


They face off and size up one another. Bodily comparing parts, such as the bicep and the legs. It devolves into an intense bearhug challenge, where the ladies lift and carry one another in front facing bear hugs and front facing piggy backs. They stretch one another backwards, lifting the feet off the ground. Mackenzee even goes so far as to wedgie Annie while carrying her.

Mackenzee is obsessed about how her legs are stronger, and to prove the point she crushes Annie’s legs against the wall with her own, smooshes her chest and squeezes her against the wall.

The stronger Amazon is announced, by the submission of the other. Making a victory pose the trophy for the winner.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures



Super Stoked to Shoot w Betty again!!

There’s no one I love to sling around better, than Betty Battles! We will be meeting on the road again and there will be custom script writing opportunities! Let me know if you are interested in a quote!!



Boxing vs MMA

Everyone wants to know which combat sport is superior!


Amazon Annie takes on Joe Schmoe in order to show him that her grappling skills will out master his punches. He is able to land a lot on her face, and it gets close to KO time, but Annie wills her way thru, to a crushing victory, involving plenty of foot to the face and kicks.

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

Meeting Miss Mackenzie

You can tell Miss Mackenzee is one large and in charge woman! I don’t ever like meeting someone that has a bigger build than me..and what can I say I survived, save for a chip outta my tooth.

This time around we’rve looking to even the score with one another, and may even drag a poor male jobber into the mix…if you would like to write up a custom script for us, you’re not too late! Email me at amazon.wrestler@gmail.com

Otherwise, keep an eye out for new videos with this fellow 6ft, blond Amazon!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures