Latest in the Amazon Epic


Amazon Annie is in rough shape, and finds herself injured on a hotel bed, with Bambi nursing her back to health. Going in and out of consciousness, Annie envisions Bambi is a wrestling angel, here to set Annie straight so she can find the courage to defeat Mistress Mackenzee.

Bambi the ‘Wrestling Angel’ shows Annie her secret move, the indomitable bearhug, and incredible grip in games of mercy! Annie shows her that she is worthy, picking her up in various ways and rag dolling her around. She picks her up upside down, and puts her over her shoulder. She slings her side to side and then finally puts her in a torture rack.

Finally Bambi conceds that she is ready, but before she goes forward, she must meet someone she refers to as the ‘Wonder Amazon’.chpt6.gif

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

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