Hiding the Evidence


Recently I had the opportunity to travel with Sherry Stunns as we were both Westward bound. We had only met once before, at a Doommaidens Tourny about 6 years back….

At the time, I thought she was a good sport, as she was thrown into the lion’s den, with other grapplers, who had more ground experience than she. I was still a newbie myself at the time. But did know a few some attacks. In the car, we started talking and she said that her elbow had been fractured after the tournament.

I thought, shoot, this would be a great set up for a clip…

So, I did some digging and found the footage. The next morning, I told Sherry that we were going to do a fantasy style cat fight clip in our lingerie on the bed.

But, before I did….I was like, ‘Oh yah, why don’t you check this out?’

So yep, I set her up to see her reaction, and this is candid. Art imiating reality or something like that...


Hidingtheevidence.gifw Sherry Stunns


Sherry Stunns¬†finds her and Annie’s previous fight on her computer. Angry that Annie has withheld the video, where she armbars Sherry so hard that she fractures her elbow, Sherry is mad, but Annie defends herself, making it seem not that bad. Sherry in return says that she now can kick Annie’s ass and that she isn’t afraid to fight her.

I bet you can guess where this is going…

Throwing her on the bed, putting her in a camel clutch, pinning her down and hanging upside down. The girls claw at each other in lingerie, in this cat fight that is sure please! Sherry wears black lingerie, Annie in Pastel.


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