2 on Beatdown w Ashley WC



Jay the Jobber, catches a wide swing by Ashley WC and quickly puts her in a full nelson. Crying out to her friend, Ashley WC pulls Annie into the fight.


Quickly coming to her rescue, Annie puts Jay into a brutal bearhug, crushing the air out of his lungs, she is able to put him into her own Amazon full nelson! This is where everything changes for Jay. He is looking at 2 blondes that want to beat out his destruction with their wrapped fists. The girls pummel, hold down, kick, elbow and strike Jay repeatedly. They kick him the face, in the stomach. They knee him in the belly, in the groin. They punch him in the face, in the stomach. They restrain him, arms behind back and continue to beat him. When he falls they stomp him.


He is barely standing once they are thru with him. Definitely a tough day at the office, for this poor jobber!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures

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