Amazon Juice Redux

amazonjuiceredux.gifw. Betty Battles

Teeny-weeny, 110 lbs 5 ft Betty Battles, has been thrown into the lion’s den, by having to fight 6 ft 210 lb Amazon Annie. Obviously, a total squash match, Betty is desperate for some sort of miracle. And it comes int he form of the fabled, Amazon Juice, known for it’s ability to give a short-term surge of strength, maniacal fits of anger and bravery and the one thing that can give you leverage against Annie. Flinging herself at Annie leaping a good 5 feet in the air and attacking her from this position, Betty tips the scale in her favor. The girls are somewhat evenly matched, rolling as equals, putting each other in holds, punching, kicking, trampling, chocking, scissoring and torturing one another. Until finally, Annie, confused and humiliated, gives up.


There is definetely a re-match in store. And next time, I think that Annie will do a better job of hiding the Amazon Juice!!!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventures




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