Leopard Print Battle

w. Vanessa Vilano


     Vanessa and Annie are hanging out in the living room, where out of nowhere, Vanessa attacks Annie. Vehement that she is the only one that can wear leopard print, Vanessa puts Annie in a rear naked choke.The initial onslaught is too much for Annie, she remains dazed and slow to react the rest of the time while Vanessa makes mincemeat out of her.

      Putting her in a series of painful holds, the camel clutch, the human surfboard, face sitting, breast smothering and choking Annie, it’s a 1 sided battle of egos. Vanessa repeatedly screams; ‘I’m the hot girl!’ ‘Tell me I have a hot butt!’, showing her crazy vindictiveness towards Annie. Until Annie can’t take any more abuse, Vanessa finally put her in a crippling chokehold. Annie’s eyes go white, limbs limp and tongue out of her mouth, as Vanessa stands over in a blithe victory pose!

Amazon Annie’s Bodacious Adventure

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